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A Serious fishing drone built for fisherman by fisherman


Worlds fast AUTOCASTING/ AUTOPILOT Fishing drone

Simply set a waypoint on your smart phone and Mobula will take off, Fly to your desired waypoint, drop the bait and return and land without having to touch the joysticks.

  • Auto pilot flight to 1500m
  • Keeps hands free to hold fishing rod
  • Compatiable with most smart phones and tablets


Bigger payload for bigger fish

Mobula has powerful 400kv motors that can fly 25 hooks out to your desire fishing spot.

  • 2.5KG Max Payload
  • Take out upto 25 hooks
  • Target larger fish species like Kingfish, Sharks, Tuna and Marlin with bigger baits


Designed for the task at hand with built in safety protection

A common question among new and current drone fisherman is “does it float and is it water resistant”. Mobula’s answer is yes but Mobula takes It one step further than the competitors with built in safety overrides to prevent crashes.

  • IP56 water resistance and buoyant design
  • Auto return and land when battery gets low 
  • Motor overload safety release, Payload will be released if winds are high or Mobula feels that the payload is to heavy
  • Sudden jerk payload release in case of snag or birds nest etc
  • Fly in winds of upto 20 knots


Smart Battery for a Smart Drone

Mobula’s battery simply clips in and out of the body the drone, no need for screwdrivers to open or replace the battery.  Check the battery level outside the drone with simple press of the button.

  • 10000mah battery
  • Upto 15mins flight time
  • Charges in 3 hours
  • Smart battery prevents over loads and shorts
  • Easy to replace on the go


Spot the fish from the sky

Mobula has a built in live feed camera with polarized lens and pivots on a 90 degree axis to view its surroundings as well as check the payload.

  •    720p polarised camera
  •    90 degrees axis controlled from the remote
  •    Live feed back to you on the beach (this camera does not record)


Take Mobula with you anywhere

Mobula is foldable and portable making it easy to reach your desired fishing spot. Simply fold the arms away and carry Mobula in the specially designed backpack (sold separately)


Powerful and Resourceful app

Rippton app is what powers Mobulas autopilot but also offers a great amount of fishing knowledge to users.

  • Over 1500 fishing spots around nz
  • Learn how to tie knots and rig baits
  • Share your catches with the rippton community
  • Share your fishing spots with friends or the public
  • Packed full of helpful features that will help any fisherman



Device Name: MOBULA Smart Fishing Drone

Weight: 5.6 kg

Dimensions: 630 x 608 x 225 mm (Propeller Closed)

Propeller: 17 inches

Max Speed: 10ms

Max Payload: 2.5 kg

Max Wind Resistance: 20 knots

Protection Level: I56 Water Resistance

Satellite Systems: GPS/GLONASS/GALILEO

Flying Radius (manual flight Mode)  0~2.0 km

AUTO Casting Radius (With Payload): 0~1.5 km

MOBULA Remote Controller LCD Screen: 5.5 inches

Max Transmission Distance (Unobstructed, Free of Interference) 2 km

MOBULA Smart Battery Capacity: 10,000 mAh



SKU: droneskit
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