Frequently asked questions

How Long Does it Take to Charge Mobula?

3.5 hours for drone Battery and 1.5 Hours for Remote Control

How Waterproof Is Mobula?

Mobula is IP56 Rated. A product with an IP56 has under gone stringent testing to prove that it is protected against quantity of dust that could interfere with the normal operation of the product but is not fully dust tight. The product is completely protected against solid objects. It is also protected against powerful water jets projected by a nozzle (12.5mm) from any angle but isnt Waterproof when fully submersed for an extended period of time. Mobula does float and prevents the unit from becoming submersed but if the unit was to loose its bouyant propertys due to crash etc, mobula would risk becoming submersed.

What is the Flight time of Mobula?

Mobula has a flight time of 15 mins. This is in perfect conditons. Payload, wind and mission distance all play a major role in the length of flight.

What Quality Camera does Mobula have and Does the Camera Record ?

Mobula Is Equipped with a 720P Polarised camera on one axis. Mobulas Camera does not record but provides a real time visual display on the controller. The polarised lens is to see through the ocean to spot fish and structure under the water.

What Is the Max Range For Mobula?

Mobulas Max Range Is 2000m but We have restricted this to 1500m for casting missions as this allows a safe distance before getting into a dangerous zone where mobula could loose connection.

Can Mobula Return To A Moving Boat ?

The "return to Home" feature and the autopilot function will not return to a boat as the boat will be moving with current,wind etc. the drone will return to the gps mark where it took off from. if this was to move (a boat in the ocean moving with the current) the drone would try to land where the boat was when it first left the moving boat.

How Many hooks Can I use With Mobula?

Mobula Can fly the legal amount of 25 hooks safely with weight and bait. But this depends on other variants for example wind,current, line weight etc

What is the max Wind Mobula can fly in?

20 knots or 37km/h winds

Do I need to Calibrate Mobula?

Yes, Mobula has to calibrated the first time it is set up before fishing