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Unlock your fishing potential with Rippton SharkX Fishing Drone - the ultimate waterproof drone for fishing enthusiasts! With an impressive 24-min Max Flight Time, you can fly this drone confidently throughout your fishing adventure. Its 12 M/S Wind Resistance ensures that it can handle the toughest weather conditions while the 1 KM Max Range allows you to explore beyond your usual fishing spot. Plus, it can carry up to 3KG Payload Capacity, making it the perfect companion for your fishing gear. Don't let your fishing experience be limited by the shore - take your fishing to the next level with the SharkX Fishing Drone


- Autopilot, SHARKX flys itself

- 3kg payload

- 1km range

- IP66 waterproof

- 24 mins flight time

- 6000mAh Lipo 6S 25.2V battery

- Max Speed 10 m/s

SHARKX Fishing drone

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